ML-0600 Shipping Label Template same as Avery 5164

Here’s another ML-0600 Shipping label template that is compatible with the Avery 5164.

Return Address Label Artwork

When creating artwork for return address labels, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is what kind of graphic should you put in your return address label. Return address labels are small, and there are 80 labels on each page, so you’ll have to balance your desire for high quality graphics and document performance. High quality artwork (gif, jpeg, etc) copied over 80 times will negatively affect the performance of Microsoft Word, and Open Office documents. If your graphic is affecting your document performace too much, you’ll have to decrease the quality of the graphic. You could also choose to use an SVG graphic. Inkscape is a free program that will let you create and edit SVG graphics. SVG graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics where shapes and colors are defined by coordinates equations. They are fantastic because when you zoom in on the graphics, the quality of the graphic is not lost as it is in a gif, jpg, etc. There is another thing to consider with SVG graphics, how complex the drawing is. Keep the SVG as simple as possible, reduce the number of “Nodes” to the least possible. Many times when converting a drawing or sketch from jpg to svg, there will me many nodes that basically are not needed. It’s a painstaking job, but you’ll be better off minimizing the number of nodes which will increase document performance.

Ebony and Ivory, Together in Perfect Harmony on a Return Address Label

Remember that video? Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. Two megastars coming together to write a hit song. How could it not succeed? Well, here’s a template on our ML-8100 Return Address Label that’s bound to be a hit. Ok, maybe not, but for you pianists out there, you might like it. I could fit only 3 octaves of the keyboard, but it still works.

Return Address Label Template

If you’re a big fan of the Music and you need Return Address Labels, you may want to utilize this Music themed Return Address Label template. They were really easy to create in Inkscape, then pasted into Microsoft Word 2007. I chose Bach’s Bouree because I love the piece, and because one of my favorite old bands, Jethro Tull also covered the tune.

File Folder Labels, Templates for small sheets

Ok, we’ve posted here a few times about small sheeted labels. Well, here’s another post with some visuals that will help you set up a template for file folder labels. Look at the picture below. It’s word 2007, but it should apply in Word 2010. The first popup window titled “Envelopes and Labels” pops up by clicking on the Mailing tab, then clicking on the Labels icon on the right. Next, in the same “Envelopes and Labels” window, click inside the box called “Label”. Then the window titled “Label Options” that you see below the previous window will pop up. Then just click on the “New Label” button, and the next window titled “Label Details” will pop up. Be sure to change the name of the label to the new name you want in the box titled “Label Name”, otherwise you’ll be editing and changing the dimensions of whatever label you happened to open. Next just fill in the dimensions as seen in the “Custom Laser FF-L1 Information” window. You can follow these step by step instructions, or just download the template below the picture below. For the template, just click the picture below. This template will fit all of the following:FF-L1, FF-L2, FF-L3, FF-L4, FF-L5, FF-L6, FF-L7, FF-L10, FF-L12, FFL-A1, As mentioned in our previous articles on small sheeted labels, these labels were originally designed for hand and typewritten applications and are generally not recommended for use in a laser printer. If you know that your printer can handle this size and type of label then this template should work great for you. But be forewarned , some laser printers may experience some shadowing of the ink from the labels due to high temperatures attained by some laser printers.

Seeing the Label

Ever open up a label template and it looks like a blank page? For instance, our ML-5000 label has 50 labels per page, but all you see is white. The ML-5000 is a UPC barcode label. People use it for all kinds of different things, not just UPC barcodes. Even though you don’t see the labels, most of the time, there is not a problem with the template. The Microsoft Word template is not blank, chances are the problem is that the grid lines are just not visible. Ok, now where has Microsoft Word hidden the view cell boarders feature? ……..Found it. It’s under Table Tools, Design, Borders, View Gridlines. 😉