Return Address Label Artwork

When creating artwork for return address labels, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is what kind of graphic should you put in your return address label. Return address labels are small, and there are 80 labels on each page, so you’ll have to balance your desire for high quality graphics and document performance. High quality artwork (gif, jpeg, etc) copied over 80 times will negatively affect the performance of Microsoft Word, and Open Office documents. If your graphic is affecting your document performace too much, you’ll have to decrease the quality of the graphic. You could also choose to use an SVG graphic. Inkscape is a free program that will let you create and edit SVG graphics. SVG graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics where shapes and colors are defined by coordinates equations. They are fantastic because when you zoom in on the graphics, the quality of the graphic is not lost as it is in a gif, jpg, etc. There is another thing to consider with SVG graphics, how complex the drawing is. Keep the SVG as simple as possible, reduce the number of “Nodes” to the least possible. Many times when converting a drawing or sketch from jpg to svg, there will me many nodes that basically are not needed. It’s a painstaking job, but you’ll be better off minimizing the number of nodes which will increase document performance.