Repeat Return Address Label

This time I created a guitar themed return address label. If you play the guitar like me, you’ll enjoy this ML-8100 return address label template. I modeled the guitar after the Fender Stratocaster. As always, this label layout is compatible with the Avery 5167.

Ebony and Ivory, Together in Perfect Harmony on a Return Address Label

Remember that video? Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. Two megastars coming together to write a hit song. How could it not succeed? Well, here’s a template on our ML-8100 Return Address Label that’s bound to be a hit. Ok, maybe not, but for you pianists out there, you might like it. I could fit only 3 octaves of the keyboard, but it still works.

Return Address Label Template

If you’re a big fan of the Music and you need Return Address Labels, you may want to utilize this Music themed Return Address Label template. They were really easy to create in Inkscape, then pasted into Microsoft Word 2007. I chose Bach’s Bouree because I love the piece, and because one of my favorite old bands, Jethro Tull also covered the tune.