Using Mail Merge on 80 labels per sheet, 1-3/4 X 1/2 labels to Create Consecutively Numbered Labels

The 80 labels per sheet ML-8100 is normally used as a return address label. However, some customers use them simply as a numbering or coding label. We’ve used the 80 labels per sheet ML-8100 template as the primary document and created an Excel file as data file in our mail merge. Mail merges are not used exclusively for mailings. They’re used to insert all kinds of data into various types of documents. If you have a need to print cells with consecutively numbers, using Excel together with Word works great.   The first step is to create the Excel file with consecutive numbers. Lets say for instance you want to number your labels from 1 to 2000. We’ll also want to pad the numbers on the left with zeros. It just looks neater that way. First name the column A by typing the word NUMBER into cell A1. Select the entire first column by clicking on the column heading A. Once it’s selected, right click on the column, and chose Format Cells from the dialog menu. Then choose the Number tab, and click on the Category ‘Custom’. In the Type field, we just type 6 zeros, 000000. Now when you type the number 1 in cell A2, it’ll show as 000001. To fill in the column, hold a right click on the lower right hand corner of the cell you just typed in. As you hold it, also press the Ctrl key, and drag straight down to the bottom of the page. Holding the Ctrl key will increment the values as you drag the mouse cursor down to however far you want to go. I went to 2000, and I renamed the file to 1-2000.xlsx I’ve got to admit something here, we really didn’t need to format the NUMBER column, because if we use that as a merge field, Microsoft Word only sees what the original input was, eg. 1, 2, 3 …, and not the formatted version we see 000001, 000002, 000003 …. I forgot about that, but we’ll leave it here, just to show you how to format a column. To create the left zero padded copy of the NUMBER cell, we make another column that copies the first using the TEXT() function. So in the cell B2, type =TEXT(A2,”000000″). Then right click on the lower right corner of the cell, this time, NOT holding the Ctrl key, just right click, hold and drag the cell to the bottom of the spreadsheet. So now that we have our data, we just need the Primary Merge Document, shown below. If you’re quick at copy and pasting using the keyboard and mouse combination, creating the above document should be pretty quick. Caution: in the last cell of the document in the lower right of the document, leave off the merge command «Next Record», because Word automatically advances the record to the next record at the end of the page. If you put the «Next Record» in the last cell, you’ll wind up skipping a record, and the next page will start at 82 instead of the correct 81. And the merged result is below.

Bulk Labels

All of our front page labels come in case quantities. Each box has 100 sheets, and each case has 5 boxes. This packaging works well for a great number of our customers. However, there are some customers who need to cut down on packaging. This is where our Bulk Labels, or Bulk Pack Labels come in. Our Bulk Packs of Labels come in boxes of 250 sheets, and each case has 2 boxes.

Tropical Island Return Address Labels

Here is a neat design for our ML-8100 Return Address Labels They’re equivalent to the Avery 5167. It’s not summer yet, but it’s getting hot out here in the northeast, and it was a really long winter. A really long winter. I’m not kidding, it was too long. I’ve been dreaming of going to a tropical island, and get away from it all. Since I’m not going to a tropical island any time soon, all I can do is dream, and draw. As usual, I like to use Inkscape to draw my SVG artwork. The artwork is scalable, clean and neat. If you decide to download this template, do a simple search and replace to replace “Your Name Here” with your name, “Your Street Here” with your street, and “Your CSZ XXX” with your City, State, and Zip. Here’s the svg artwork: Right click on it to download it. A few extra minutes of work can get you this: Your only limit is your imagination.

Return Address Label for the Holidays

Here are today’s offerings. We’ve got Return Address labels for the Holidays. It was easy to make. We used the free Inkscape program to create the artwork. Since the artwork is in SVG format, it scales very cleanly, and will still look great even if you scale it down to fit on a tiny return address label. Click on the picture below to download the template. Click on the picture below to download the SVG artwork that was created using Inkscape. Click on the picture below to download the template. Click on the picture below to download the SVG artwork that was created using Inkscape.

Return Address Label Artwork

When creating artwork for return address labels, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is what kind of graphic should you put in your return address label. Return address labels are small, and there are 80 labels on each page, so you’ll have to balance your desire for high quality graphics and document performance. High quality artwork (gif, jpeg, etc) copied over 80 times will negatively affect the performance of Microsoft Word, and Open Office documents. If your graphic is affecting your document performace too much, you’ll have to decrease the quality of the graphic. You could also choose to use an SVG graphic. Inkscape is a free program that will let you create and edit SVG graphics. SVG graphics are Scalable Vector Graphics where shapes and colors are defined by coordinates equations. They are fantastic because when you zoom in on the graphics, the quality of the graphic is not lost as it is in a gif, jpg, etc. There is another thing to consider with SVG graphics, how complex the drawing is. Keep the SVG as simple as possible, reduce the number of “Nodes” to the least possible. Many times when converting a drawing or sketch from jpg to svg, there will me many nodes that basically are not needed. It’s a painstaking job, but you’ll be better off minimizing the number of nodes which will increase document performance.

Return Address Labels made with Recycled Paper

It takes commitment to be environmentally friendly. If you’re concerned about saving trees, and would like to live a little greener, here’s your chance. All of our front page items, like the ML-3000 , ML-2000, and such are available in recycled material. Just replace the ML prefix with RL, so the ML-3000 becomes the RL-3000, and the ML-8100 becomes the RL-8100.