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Product  Avery Eq Click to Download
ML-0100 Avery 5165 ML-0100 Template
ML-0200 None ML-0200 Template
ML-0400 None ML-0400 Template
ML-0600 Avery 5164 ML-0600 Template
ML-1000 Avery 5161 ML-1000 Template
ML-1400 Avery 5162 ML-1400 Template
ML-1450 None ML-1450 Template
ML-2000 Avery 5161 ML-2000 Template
ML-3000 Avery 5160 ML-3000 Template
ML-5000 None ML-5000 Template
ML-8100 Avery 5167 ML-8100 Template

 Other ML-0600 templates

 Other ML-3000 templates

 Other Legacy templates

Label Templates on Small Sheets*

Product  Avery Eq Click to Download
FF-L1 - FF-L1 Template, Use for FF-FF-L2, FF-L3, FF-L4, FF-L5, FF-L6, FF-L7, FF-L8, FF-L9, FF-L10, FF-L12, FFL-A1
MO-806 - MO-806 Template
MR-505 - MR-505 Template
MR-808 - MR-808 Template
MR-1212 - MR-1212, MR1212-3,4,5 ... Template
MR-1616 - MR-1616 Template
MR-2020 - MR-2020 Template
MS-508 - MS-508 Template
MS-610 - MS-610 Template
MS-620 - MS-620 Template
MS-812 - MS-812 Template
MS-816 - MS-816 Template
MS-828 - MS-828 Template
MS-1020 - MS-1020 Template
MS-1216 - MS-1216 Template
MS-1224 - MS-1224 Template
MS-1420 - MS-1420 Template
MS-1624 - MS-1624 Template
MS-1648 - MS-1648 Template
MS-2028 - MS-2028 Template
MS-2448 - MS-2448 Template
MS-3232 - MS-3232 Template
MS-4848 - MS-4848 Template
MS-6424 - MS-6424 Template
MS-6432 - MS-6432 Template
MS-6448 - MS-6448 Template
MS-6496 - MS-6496 Template
MS-8048 - MS-8048 Template

* these labels are removable, and are not recommended for some printers. Use these templates only if you know your printer is compatible with these labels.


Miscellaeous Product Label Templates

Product  Avery Eq Click to Download
ML-7560 5692, 8692 ML-7560 Template
ML-7565 5698, 8691 ML-7565 Template
ML-7850 - ML-7850 Template