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Product  Avery Eq Click to Download
ML-0100 Avery 5165 ML-0100 Template
ML-0200 None ML-0200 Template
ML-0400 None ML-0400 Template
ML-0600 Avery 5164 ML-0600 Template
ML-1000 Avery 5161 ML-1000 Template
ML-1400 Avery 5162 ML-1400 Template
ML-1450 None ML-1450 Template
ML-2000 Avery 5161 ML-2000 Template
ML-3000 Avery 5160 ML-3000 Template
ML-5000 None ML-5000 Template
ML-8100 Avery 5167 ML-8100 Template

 Other ML-0600 templates

 Other ML-3000 templates


Label Templates on Small Sheets

Product  Avery Eq Click to Download
FF-L1 - FF-L1 Template, Use for FF-FF-L2, FF-L3, FF-L4, FF-L5, FF-L6, FF-L7, FF-L8, FF-L9, FF-L10, FF-L12, FFL-A1
MO-806 - MO-806 Template
MR-505 - MR-505 Template
MR-808 - MR-808 Template
MR-1212 - MR-1212, MR1212-3,4,5 ... Template
MR-1616 - MR-1616 Template
MR-2020 - MR-2020 Template
MS-508 - MS-508 Template
MS-610 - MS-610 Template
MS-620 - MS-620 Template
MS-812 - MS-812 Template
MS-816 - MS-816 Template
MS-828 - MS-828 Template
MS-1020 - MS-1020 Template
MS-1216 - MS-1216 Template
MS-1224 - MS-1224 Template
MS-1420 - MS-1420 Template
MS-1624 - MS-1624 Template
MS-1648 - MS-1648 Template
MS-2028 - MS-2028 Template
MS-2448 - MS-2448 Template
MS-3232 - MS-3232 Template
MS-4848 - MS-4848 Template
MS-6424 - MS-6424 Template
MS-6432 - MS-6432 Template
MS-6448 - MS-6448 Template
MS-6496 - MS-6496 Template
MS-8048 - MS-8048 Template

Miscellaeous Product Label Templates

Product  Avery Eq Click to Download
ML-7560 5692, 8692 ML-7560 Template
ML-7565 5698, 8691 ML-7565 Template
ML-7850 - ML-7850 Template