Bulk Labels

All of our front page labels come in case quantities. Each box has 100 sheets, and each case has 5 boxes. This packaging works well for a great number of our customers. However, there are some customers who need to cut down on packaging. This is where our Bulk Labels, or Bulk Pack Labels come in. Our Bulk Packs of Labels come in boxes of 250 sheets, and each case has 2 boxes.

You Say Mailing Stickers and Address Stickers, I say Mailing Labels and Address Labels

Language is a funny thing. We have different names for things in different parts of the country. If you’re from the Midwest, you drink Pop. Here in the Northeast, it’s called soda. I’ll never forget the first time I heard that one. Pop? What’s Pop? Ohhhhhh, you want a soda! Ha!. But the differences in language can be between places that are pretty close. For instance, I have relatives in Springfield, MA, the birthplace of modern Basketball, and the Basketball Hall of Fame. So one day just before lunch, one of my relatives up there in Springfield asked me if I wanted a Grinder. A what? A grinder, you know, some meat and cheese on long bread. Ahhh, you mean a Hero? Yesssss. I guess the same thing goes for the terms Mailing Stickers and Address Stickers. I would never have thought to call them stickers.Stickers were the things that came free in a cereal box. Stickers of your favorite action hero’s (not Grinders), or stickers with slogans, or funny little comics that you could stick on the outside of your school book cover. It’s pretty rare that I hear somebody call Mailing Labels and Address Labels by the monikers Mailing Stickers or Address stickers, but it happens. I haven’t come up with a geographical pattern yet. People in Warshington will say Mailing Stickers, as well as folks pahhking their cahh in Hahhhhvid Yaahhd, as well as folks with cayts in their layps watchin Da Bears in Chicago. maybe there’s some linguist out there who can figure it out.

Holiday Lights on ML-3000, (same as Avery 5160)

Here’s an update on our Holiday lights on an ML-3000 template. It’s the same layout as the Avery 5160 label. These graphics are SVG graphics. They’ll look clean and sharp when you print them out, even when you scale them.

M-5351 Template

Thanks to Colette for pushing us to upload this M-5351 address label template used to produce mailing labels. It’s the same layout as the Avery 5351. When we sent this address label template to Colette, she said there was a problem. She said the template was blank. Well, we told her, the document was not blank, it’s just that she wasn’t seeing the cell grid lines. Her copy of Microsoft Word by default was not set to display them. For help in getting your table cells to display, read our other blog posting on. Seeing the table cell grid lines

Fancy Fonts for Mailing Address Labels

If you’ve ever looked in Microsoft Word, you’ll find that the choice of fonts is ridiculously huge. If you’re looking for Fancy fonts, I’ve listed a few here for your convenience. These are some nice fonts that will really spruce up any mailing address label: Edwardian Script ITC English111 Vivace BT Kuntstler Script Palace Script MT Vladimir Script Here’s a good link to discover more about fonts.

Pinfeed Label Printing Tip

If you’ve got a dot matrix printer still hanging around the office and you need to print on some dot matrix labels it can be difficult to find where to set up these labels in Microsoft Word. If you’ve got some of our 42-451 labels, you need to know that the Avery equivalent is Avery 4013. It’s a one across label that’s also called a data processing label. Just follow the numbers below and click and fill out the information shown, and you’ll have a label ready in Microsoft Word to print on a dot matrix printer.