MS-6448 Removable label

Thanks to Theresa for asking for a template for our MS-6448 labels. They come on a small sheet, about 4.125″ X 6.19″ The template can be downloaded by clicking the picture below. As always, be sure that your printer can handle these labels. They were originally designed to be for hand applications, and they’re removable. Some printers have very tight paths over the rollers and these labels might come off of the sheet and damage your printer. Also, some laser printers run very hot, and could also cause the labels to come off in the printer. Other issues with printing on these small sheets is that your printer might have large margins so that the printable area will be smaller than you think on the top and bottom labels.

MS-812 Label Template

Ok, here’s another one of those small label templates. The MS-812. The Label size is 1/2″ X 3/4″, and it’s on a small sheet of size 3-3/4 X 6-1/16. These are removable labels and are great for a variety of applications from pricing stickers to annotation stickers. Again, as always, your printer may or may not be compatible with this label. These labels were originally designed to be used in hand applications, and are removable.

1/2″ Diameter Dots on Small Sheets MR-808

Here’s another one. We’ve got 1/2″ diameter dots here, it’s the MR-808. There are 77 labels on the page, and they’re removable. That’s why you have to take care when printing these labels. They were originally designed for hand applications. Some printers can handle them, but other printers will cause the labels to become unpeeled inside the printer, especially if you reprint on the same page. Use at your own risk.