Weather Resistant Address Label Template

You don’t have to go far to download a template for our weather resistant address labels You can use our ML-3000 template, or the Avery® 5160 template. Or you can just click on the picture below. These labels can be used for applications where there are poor weather conditions or moist environments. The ML-3050W weather resistant address labels are made of water-resistant material. They are Tear-proof, and have permanent adhesive. For use in both laser and ink jet printers.

Weather Resistant Shipping Labels

Choosing shipping labels should be an easy thing to do. It normally is. When shipping most items, the product is packed, and waits in a storage facility. From there, it will either go on a dolly, hand truck or lift directly into the back of a UPS or FedEx truck. But sometimes your boxes, and hence, your shipping labels will be exposed to the weather. Maybe the boxes with your shipping labels on them have to go around the block in some dodgy weather. We suggest using Maco Weather Resistant Shipping Labels:

Weatherproof Labels

If you know your labels are going to be subject to the elements outside, we have labels for you. Whether you need to need to label auto parts or bicycle parts that might be left outside. You may need to label paint or other storage containers that need to stand up to conditions that could occur when left open to weather conditions.