MS-2028 Label Template

The MS-2028 label is a removable label that is useful for many things. They’re a little bit larger than many of the other smaller pricetag labels, so if you need to stick a lot more information, like product description on the label, you’ll have the room. Click on the picture below to download the template. These labels are marketed as non-machinable, or for hand written applications only, but folks have been printing on them. There are some that will have no problem printing this label, but there are some printers for which the labels might become detached, or the color may run slightly onto the fuser unit in some laser printers, so we don’t recommend you use a printer to print on these labels unless you know the labels will not come off in the printer, or the colors will not run. We whipped up a quick template, and you’ll have to adjust the cell margins and such for your application. So if you know your printer can handle these labels, here is template.