Circle Labels

Our most popular Circle Label is the MR-1212 series labels. They are 3/4″ in diameter and come on a small sheet. They come in a variety of colors. To see our complete selection of MR-1212 labels, click HERE for White Labels and HERE for Color Labels.

A Dozen Roses, Cheap

This is the cheap way to give a dozen roses on Valentines Day. Use this svg rose and our MR-1212 template to print roses by the dozen.

MR-1212 Color Coding Circle Labels

If you’re really ambitious you can create a slick template for the MR-1212 series of labels. With Inkscape it’s an easy task to get Text on a curve. You may have to tweak the graphics a bit to get your labels centered, and your printer might not support full bleed printing. Full bleed printing means that the printer will print all the way out to the edge of the paper. If you don’t have a full bleed, the outside columns will be cut off at the edges of the labels. Also read warnings about printing on small sheeted labels here.

3/4″ Diameter labels

Ok, I know we just posted on this subject a few posts ago, but we got a few more calls on making a template for the MR-1212 labels. They are on small sheets, and the labels are removable. They are marketed as non-machinable, or for hand written applications only, but folks have been printing on them. There are some that will have no problem printing this label, but there are some printers for which the labels might become detached, or the color may run slightly onto the fuser unit in some laser printers, so we don’t recommend you use a printer to print on these labels unless you know the labels will not come off in the printer, or the colors will not run. We whipped up a quick template, and you’ll have to adjust the cell margins and such for your application. So if you know your printer can handle these labels, here is template: