SVG graphics in Microsoft Word

So you’re using Microsoft Word, and you’d like to take advantage of SVG graphics. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. They’ve got a really neat property. You know when you re-size graphics in Word, the graphics quality degrades as you enlarge them. Well, SVG graphics don’t degrade when enlarged (doesn’t apply to photo images 🙁 ).

So how do you get these great graphics into MS Word? Well, you can’t import it or open it directly, Word doesn’t recognize any file with an SVG extension. The way around this is to use the clipboard. To do this, you’ll need to have an application that uses SVG formats. A great free application that uses SVG formats is Inkscape. Once you’ve drawn what you want, select the graphic and copy it to the clipboard by either right clicking on it and selecting copy, or by typing ctrl-c. Then open a MS Word Document and paste the graphic. It’s that easy. I’ve pasted an SVG graphic below so you can check it out by resizing the graphic for yourself in Microsoft Word.