Quality Address Labels

If you’ve ordered Maco Labels, you’ll know what quality is, and if you’ve ordered some other manufacturers labels, you might find out what quality isn’t. We just got a call from a new client the other day. I say new client, because she used a competitors product, and had a problem. The problem turned out to be that the labels were sticking too hard to the backing sheet. So when she tried to peel the labels off of the sheet, the labels ripped. Also, the die cuts around the labels were not strong enough. It’s a pretty big problem, and one that should never happen. With profit margins so small, a label company just can’t produce labels like that and remain in business.

We’ve been selling Maco brand labels for many years, and have never had a problem like this. We take pride in the products we sell, and we know that our customers appreciate the quality of our products because of the consistent repeat purchases of our customer base. Thanks to all our customers past present and future!