MS-620 Removable Label Template

We’ve had so many calls for this template so we finally made one. This is the MS-620. Be aware that that this label was originally designed for hand application, and they are removable labels. Add that to the small sheet size, and there is a chance that these labels might come off in your printer. Although many of our customers have used these labels in their printers, we do not recommend using them in laser or inkjet printers.

If you decide that you are going to go ahead and print with the MS-620 anyway, another thing to consider is the direction of the text which you will type in each cell of the label. Instead of trying to print landscape, just change the orientation of the text in each cell to run vertically. Right click in any cell. A dialogue menu will pop up. Select “Text Direction”, and select one of the two vertical text options (on the left select text that is read from bottom to top, on the right, select text that is read from top to bottom)