Manipulating Graphics on an Address Label

When working with graphics in Microsoft Word 2007 on an address label or any kind of label, some things are really important to know. Once the graphic has been placed in your document, there are several options on how the graphic is displayed. Also, you might discover that you can’t even select the graphic. If this happens, you need to select the graphic. Click on the Home tab, then click on Select from the menu bar, then from the subsequent drop down menu click on Select Objects. You’ll notice that now when you hover over your graphics you’ll get a different cursor that will let you click on your graphic and select it. Once it’s selected, you’ll notice that the Format tab is now visible. When you click on the Format tab, click on the Position icon, then select More Layout Options to get the Advanced Layout popout pane. Select the “Text Wrapping” tab and choose “Behind Text” if you want your text to appear on top of the graphic. Then click on the “Picture Position” tab. This will allow you to position your graphic in many different ways. I prefer to select the Absolute Position radio button and then “Page” from the “to the Right of the page” drop down menu , and “Page” from the “below” drop down menu. When you make these selections, you can move the graphic anywhere on the page. Then if you need to duplicate the graphic, just select it an press Ctrl while dragging it, then release the Ctrl button at the position where you want to copy the graphic.