Color Coding Labels

We field so many calls regarding templates for our small sheeted labels. Many customers have successfully printed on the small sheeted labels like the MR-1212, however, these labels are marketed as non-machinable labels. That means they’re designed for hand printed applications, which is why we don’t supply templates for them.

They are removable labels, and many printers have tight printer path radii. This means that when the paper goes through the printer, the paper is sometimes bent around rollers that have a small diameter, and there is a chance that the labels can come off in the printer. Obviously, if you’re not handy with printers, and even if you are, this can be a major problem. If the labels come off in the printer, they can stick to the fuser or toner surfaces in laser printers, or they can get stuck on the inkjet print head. Now, we’ve never fielded a call from a customer who’s gotten a label stuck in the printer before, but it can happen. If you are going to print on the small sheeted labels, your best shot is to use a printer that has a straight through printer path.