Address Labels and Copy and Pasting

f you happen to be changing formats of address label, say from ML-3000 to ML-8100. The best thing to do, if you have only a couple of sheets, is to do some copy and pasting. Now there are a several ways to do copy and pasting. The first way is to use your mouse to highlight the text you need to copy by either dragging over the text with your mouse, or by moving the cursor to the desired start position and while pressing the shift key, navigate to the desired end position by pressing the directional arrows or Page Up, or Page Down, or Home or End. If you hold the Shift key and Ctrl key down together, the effect is different with different key combos. Shift-Ctrl-RightArrow selects whole words, Shift-Ctrl-End selects to the end of the document, Shift-End selects to the end of the line, Shift-PageDown selects to the end of the paragraph.

Now that your text is selected you can do one of 3 things to copy the text;

  1. Right click on the selected text, and from the pop-up list, select copy.
  2. Click the Copy Icon
  3. Press the Ctrl-C key combination

Now all you have to do is move the mouse to position the cursor in the new document to paste, and then right click and select “Paste” from the pop-up menu, or type Ctrl-V to past the copied cells in to the cells in your new document. It’s that easy.