Presents for the Holiday Season Shipping Label

Maybe you can put this one on one of our Shipping Labels. Maybe the ML-0600 or the ML-0400 Shipping label.
Here’s a shipping label with a red border and a present. The SENDER ADDRESS and RECIPIENT ADDRESS areas are actually text boxes. You can put your data into those areas, or just delete the boxes and format the table cells the way you like.

Present Shipping Label

Applying a Shipping Label

Something as easy as applying a shipping label seems easy, but there are some helpful tips you could use. First of all make sure that the Package that you’re affixing the label to is clean and dust free. It wouldn’t hurt just to run a very lightly damped rag over the surface just to get that dust off. Then wait a few minutes so that any dampness can evaporate before applying the label. Make sure that the surface you’re affixing the label to is free of any oils or materials that are flaking off such as old paint or old labels. Don’t affix your labels to surfaces that have old clear tape, the labels might be more prone to come off. Hey, there are a lot of small companies out there that just can’t go out and buy brand new boxes with perfectly clean surfaces. Anyway re-using boxes is better for the environment. It might not look as pretty, but you’re saving the planet one cardboard box at a time.

ML-0600 Shipping Label Template

Here is a template ML-0600 I whipped up in Inkscape. It’s so easy to create these clean and sharp and scalable graphics in Inkscape, it’s sick. Then it’s ridiculously easy to get the graphic into Word. It’s as simple as selecting the graphic in Inkscape and copying it to the clipboard then switching to Word and Pasting. Then you can scale it to fit. Remember to hold the Ctrl or Shift key down to keep the vertical and horizontal dimensions scaled the same way.

ML-0600, Shipping Label, Template, same as Avery 5164

And here is the artwork you can edit in Inkscape.

ML-0600, Shipping Label, Template, same as Avery 5164

Shipping Label Logo for ML-0400

The quarter sheet label, the ML-0400 is a great size for shipping label. It gives you a little more room than the ML-0600, which sometimes, you just need. If you’re just starting up a company, and need to create a logo for your company you’ll need software to help you. You can spend a ton of money and get Adobe Illustrator. Or you can spend nothing and download Inkscape
Go ahead and download it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but the time you put into it will be well worth it. With a little logo made in Inkscape, and a little help from WordArt for the lettering, We’ve made ourselves a label.

If you’ve got any artistic skills, you’ll do a lot better than I can.

ML-0400 Template
ML-0400 Template

ML-0600 Shipping Label Template

Maybe you’re a college student, and you’ve got some roommates. I was a college student once. I know how roommates can be sometimes. I’m talkin about some guys. The male of the species seem to be challenged when it comes to cleanliness. There are some serious biohazards in dorm rooms. Well if things get out of hand, you can warn others of the possible hazards of the bio variety.

ML-0600 Template, Same as Avery 5164 Template, shipping label

Here is the SVG drawing I created in Inkscape


Quarter Sheet Shipping Label

The quarter sheet shipping label can be used in lieu of the 6 up ML-0600 shipping label. Maybe you have a big logo, or maybe the customers that you’re shipping to have huge address lines, and it’s just too crowded on the ML-0600.

ML-0400, quarter sheet shpping label

There’s plenty of breathing room on the ML-0400, it’s dimensions are 4-1/4″ X 5-1/2″, and it’s on an 8-1/2″ X 11″ sheet. Just be aware that the labels do not have any margins. The label goes all the way to the edge of the page. You might be designing a logo that goes too near the edge of the page without paying attention to the physical limitations of the margins of the printer.

Shipping Label Art – Faded borders

When designing artwork for shipping labels, you might want to consider faded borders. Sharp borders on artwork can cause problems. If the labels are not lined up exactly on the label layout the uneven spacing can be unsightly. The closer the artwork to the edge of the label, the worse the problem can become. One solution to this problem would be to make the artwork near the edges of the label to be faded. Below is an example of faded edge artwork created in the Gimp. It’s in Gimp format, so you’ll need Gimp to view it.

ML-0600 template same as avery 5164 label template

And you can stick that directly into Microsoft Word. The faded borders make it a little easier to line up on the label. The mistakes are harder to see than if you had hard edges.

ML-0600 template same as avery 5164 label template

CD Labels with OpenOffice

One of the many things that OpenOffice is just great for is making layouts for CD Labels. Of course it’s great for address and shipping labels and many other things, but it’s also easy to set up a CD or DVD label in OpenOffice Draw. Keep in mind, you can’t open this document in Microsoft Word. But if you’re in OpenOffice, you can open a Microsoft Word Document. Huh. Eh, what does Microsoft care about OpenOffice. Microsoft Word is a monster. It used to be that WordPerfect had a big market share. It was actually a better program in DOS. Remember DOS? Sweet and simple. And a lot of people hated it. Remember WordPerfect 5.1? At least the WordPerfect 6 screen was a little bit more helpful:

DOS 6.0 Bluescreen

Now that was a good program. Fast sleek feature rich. Those were the days.

These day’s there are so many formats in which you can create a CD or DVD. You can create a regular audio CD, or you can create a Jukebox CD. With the Jukebox CD, you can fit a lot more songs on the CD. Just select a bunch of mp3’s and try it, it’s great.

So I put a bunch of songs on the CD, and made up a nice CD template for our ML-7560 CD label.

ML-7560 Template, CD DVD Template