Ebony and Ivory, Together in Perfect Harmony on a Return Address Label

Remember that video? Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. Two megastars coming together to write a hit song. How could it not succeed? Well, here’s a template on our ML-8100 Return Address Label that’s bound to be a hit. Ok, maybe not, but for you pianists out there, you might like it. I could fit only 3 octaves of the keyboard, but it still works.

ML-8100 Keyboard Screenshot

Return Address Label Template

If you’re a big fan of the Music and you need Return Address Labels, you may want to utilize this Music themed Return Address Label template. They were really easy to create in Inkscape, then pasted into Microsoft Word 2007. I chose Bach’s Bouree because I love the piece, and because one of my favorite old bands, Jethro Tull also covered the tune.

ML-8100 Return Address Label, same dimensions as Avery 5167

Return address labels return with more of the Stick Family

I’ve been busy with the sharpie and the scanner this morning. The boss is lookin at me like I’m wasting time. Wasting time? Why I never waste my time. Since when is blog posting wasting time? Ok, sometimes it’s a waste of time, but I’m being productive and low maintenance by using open source software to produce this blog.
Maybe someone will like my stick family. The Sticks are great for personalized return address labels. Stick em in the background like a watermark behind your return address.
I scanned my sketch directly from the Gimp:

Young Stick Family

Then with some cutting from Gimp and pasting into Inkscape and saving as a png graphics and inserting it into our ml-8100 return address label, we get:

Young Stick Family

Return Address Labels and artwork

Return Address labels are usually a necessity. That is unless you’re the unabomber, or someone like that who really would prefer not to have fingerprints, or any other identifying marks , and would generally like to remain anonymous. If you’re printing out a whole page it can be tedious to create a whole page of labels. So you need to have a little patience and learn how graphics can be inserted into Microsoft Word. I use Microsoft Word 2007, because it seems to be pretty popular. I also use OpenOffice, but it’s not as popular even though it’s popularity is growing.

To get started, you want to download our ML-8100 template here:

ML-8100 template, same as avery 5167

Then you need to get some graphics. Here are some Family Icons that are pretty popular these days. It’s the Stick Family. We’ve got Mr Stick, Mrs Stick, Brother Stick, Sister Stick, Little Sticks, Dog Stick, Cat Stick and the most delicious of all, Fish Stick! They’re in SVG format, so download Inkscape for free so you can manipulate them and export them to different graphics formats.

Stick Family
You can mix and match which members of the Sticks family represent your family. Lighten the image up and make it like a watermark, or change the colors or whatever. Here’s my family:

ML-8100 retrun address with stick family background

The Job Market is brutal out there.

Allegedly it’s getting better according to some. You need every edge you can get to secure a job in this horrible economy. When composing a resume, you’re careful to make it as informative and concise as possible. Choosing really nice stock to print your resume and cover letter helps tremendously. A popular choice for the color of stock used in business correspondences is ivory. Well we have the address labels and return address labels to match.
Maco 77962, same layouts as ML-3000, ML-8100, Avery 5160, Avery 5167

Don't forget to …..

Set your clocks forward on Sunday. You set the clock forward one hour at 2:00AM on the second Sunday of March. It also happens to be PI Day. That’s March 14, or 3/14. So since PI=3.14159265…yeah. My daughter made a PI Cake for her math class that was pretty cool. I’ll try to get a pic of it.
Here are some PI labels on a return address label, ML-8100.

ML-8100 Return address label same layout as Aver 5167

Happy Birthday PI! Here’s the PI Cake:

PI Cake