Sugarcane Labels

Check out our new Sugarcane Labels Made with 100% sugarcane bagasse and other renewable agricultural waste. • 100% tree free – even more environmentally-friendly than recycled wood paper pulp! • Bright white label stock. Use them in Laser or Ink Jet printers and Copiers. If you’re concerned about preserving the environment, especially trees then you’ll […]

Glow In the Dark Labels

Hurry, don’t wait. Get your Glow in the Dark labels in time for Halloween. Check it out, they’re made from bright glow-in-the-dark label material! • Text and designs are visible once the lights go out. • Cut out shapes; write on with pen, marker, crayon, etc. • Customize a product for virtually anyone – child, […]

Tip for printing labels

Many people printing labels have problems during the printing process. Many times the paper jams and you just don’t know why. Well many times it turns out that the problem is that the wrong paper thickness has been chosen. Or more correctly, a paper type has not been selected, and the default paper type, plain […]

Inkscape – How to make a cut out of a pattern

When designing label templates, have you ever needed to cut a shape out of an existing shape? Chances are, the answer is going to yes. If not, maybe you can just read on and maybe learn something new. I created two basic shapes in Inkscape (you’ll need it to edit the images). The first shape […]

Address Labels – Treat them right

Things can go fugazi if you don’t treat your address labels right. I don’t mean you should talk sweetly to them and buy them candy and jewelry and take them out on expensive dates. You need to keep them out of the sun. Really, many times you don’t realize it, but labels can come in […]

Touchdown Jesus has been destroyed.

That’s right folks, Touchdown Jesus has been struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Lot’s of people thought it was made of stone, but no, it was made of flammable material. You know, when you make something, you’ve got to put quality first. That’s what we do at We sell high quality labels […]

A week off will do you good

It’s good to take a break sometimes. A week away from the hustle and bustle of getting to work on time will put you at ease. Treat yourself to some time off. Just have your boss call us, and we’ll try to convince them that you’re worth at least a weeks vacation. Ahh, but the […]

Finding a good Printer

We are often asked by our customers when they print Maco labels, what kind of printer should we get to use with your labels? A great place to start would be to read some reviews. There are so many printers to choose from. There are Laser printers, Color Laser printers, Inkjet printers, All in one […]