MR-1212 Color Coding Circle Labels

If you’re really ambitious you can create a slick template for the MR-1212 series of labels. With Inkscape it’s an easy task to get Text on a curve.

MR-1212 Color Coding Circle Label

You may have to tweak the graphics a bit to get your labels centered, and your printer might not support full bleed printing. Full bleed printing means that the printer will print all the way out to the edge of the paper. If you don’t have a full bleed, the outside columns will be cut off at the edges of the labels.
Also read warnings about printing on small sheeted labels here.

MR-1212 Color Coding Circle Label

1/4″ Color Coding Dots

Folks love our color coding dots. They’re a low cost alternative to Avery color coding dots. We have not been asked yet to make a template for the MR-404 series labels. They are so tiny, you’d have to have an extremely accurate print setup to get that to print properly on the MR404-A1 sheets. The other labels in the MR404 series don’t come on sheets, they come in little dispenser boxes. The labels are on a strip of backing paper that is rolled up in the dispenser box, so there is no way any inkjet or laser printer is going to print on those. They’re used in everything from medical facilities to libraries to color code various items.

MR404-A1,  1/4