One Inch MR-1616 Circle Label

Here’s a shout out to Annette P for requesting a template for out MR-1616 Circle label. This particular Circle Lable comes on a small sheet, and the Circle label is 1″ in Diameter and is removable.

MR-1616 Circle Label

Keep in mind that these labels were originally designed for hand applications, and are removable. Also, the sheets are small, and may become lodged in your printer. Contact the manufacturer of your specific printer to see if your printer is recommended for this kind of label.

MR-505 5/16 Circle Labels On Small Sheet

Sometimes, folks need to print on small sheeted labels. Some customers have called for a template for this particular label: the MR-505. It’s going to be a tough job to print on though. Small sheeted labels tend to be very difficult to line up, especially when there are 140 labels on a 3.625 X 5.375 sheet like these babies. As always, beware, these are removable labels, and they might not be compatible with your laser or inkjet printer and may come off inside your printer. They were originally designed for hand application, and that’s how we recommend using them.

Click on the picture below to download the template.

MR-505 5/16