3/8″ X 5/8″ Removable Label Template, MS-610

The MS-610 is a 3/8″ X 5/8″ removable label. This label is great for labeling small items like jewelry boxes, or small products. Beware though, printing on these little guys is tricky. Depending on the printer you have, the printing might not be as exact as one would expect. If you’re printing small images on these labels, getting them to line up can be just about impossible because they are so small.

MS-610 Removable .375" X .625" Label

If you’re using Microsoft Word, and you’d like to set these up yourself, here are the values you need to set up this custom label:
Top margin .06
Side margin .05
Vertical pitch .42
Horizontal Pitch .67

Label height .38
Label width .63
Number across 6
Number down 12

Page size: Custom
Page width 4.08
Page Height 5.16

Use only if you know your printer can handle these removable labels, and they won’t come off in your printer.