3/8″ X 5/8″ Removable Label Template, MS-610

The MS-610 is a 3/8″ X 5/8″ removable label. This label is great for labeling small items like jewelry boxes, or small products. Beware though, printing on these little guys is tricky. Depending on the printer you have, the printing might not be as exact as one would expect. If you’re printing small images on these labels, getting them to line up can be just about impossible because they are so small.

MS-610 Removable .375" X .625" Label

If you’re using Microsoft Word, and you’d like to set these up yourself, here are the values you need to set up this custom label:
Top margin .06
Side margin .05
Vertical pitch .42
Horizontal Pitch .67

Label height .38
Label width .63
Number across 6
Number down 12

Page size: Custom
Page width 4.08
Page Height 5.16

Use only if you know your printer can handle these removable labels, and they won’t come off in your printer.

MS-3232, 2″ X 2″ Square Removable label

Here is our MS-3232, 2″ X 2″ Square label. The Adhesive is removable. It has a variety of uses including labeling merchandise. It can also be used as a temporary correction marker in printed documents. Make a short correction comment on the MS-3232 label and stick it at the spot on the page where you want the correction to be.

Click on the picture below to download the template for the MS-3232

MS-3232 Label 2

The Proper Way to Peel Off A Label

Unless you’ve got some experience with peeling and applying labels, you just won’t appreciate the title of this blog article. Believe it or not, there is a correct way to to peel labels from the backing sheet. Actually, I have that backwards. I should say there is a correct way to peel the backing sheet from the label. If you peel the label off from the sheet, the labels tend to curl up, and that can be a pain in the neck to apply. Not a huge pain, but if you’re peeling a large quantity of labels, it is definitely better to peel the backing sheet off of the label. To do this, place the sheet on a flat clean surface with the label facing the surface, and the backing sheet facing up. Curl the page at the spot where the label is, and grab the edge of the label. Then pull the backing sheet off. The backing sheet should be curled and the label should remain fairly straight. You’ll have an easier time applying your label so that it is straight, and square, and looks neat.

Adjusting Margins on 1/2″ Circle Label

So our old MR-808 template had teeny margins for some reason, and it only fit one letter on each line. It’s not really the margins that are the problem, it’s the indents. So here’s a step by step process to fix it:
If you look at the pic below, right above the first cell, you’ll see the left and right indent markers.

To Change this, just select all of the cells by clicking in the first cell and holding and dragging to the lowest left cell, then click on the PAGE LAYOUT tab. Then under indent, fill in some minimal margins. We used .06. The numbers might disappear, but they’ll be there.

To make things neater, because it’s a 1/2″ circle label, you’ll want to center the text Horizontally and Vertically as we did below by first right clicking, and then clicking on table properties in the pop up dialoge box.

No when you click on the table properties, click on the cell tab, and choose the vertical centering icon. Centering horizontally is easy, just click on the center text icon in the Paragraph section of the Home tab in the “Ribbon” (the Ribbon is just the name for all of the tabs such as Home, Insert, Design, Page Layout etc) and voila:

Bulk Label Pricing

Bulk label pricing is available for large purchases of home page items . Large quantities of other products may also be available at bulk pricing.
Bulk Label Pricing
We pride ourselves by supplying our customers with great products at great prices. Some of our customers purchase our products in large quantities and would like a price point that is not available for web purchases when purchasing a significant amount of labels, card stock, tags, or which ever product they buy.
If you are a prospective customer who is considering buying very large quantities of Maco products, please contact us at 800-526-1155 to discuss bulk label pricing.

Return Address Label for the Holidays

Here are today’s offerings. We’ve got Return Address labels for the Holidays. It was easy to make. We used the free Inkscape program to create the artwork. Since the artwork is in SVG format, it scales very cleanly, and will still look great even if you scale it down to fit on a tiny return address label.

Click on the picture below to download the template.

Holidays Return Address Label

Click on the picture below to download the SVG artwork that was created using Inkscape.

Holidays Return Address Label

Click on the picture below to download the template.

Holidays Return Address Label

Click on the picture below to download the SVG artwork that was created using Inkscape.

Holidays Return Address Label

Half Sheet Label

Our Half Sheet Label is a great product. There are so many uses for it. You can use it to print a UPS Shipping Label, a USPS Shipping Label, and a Fedex Shipping Label.
In a pinch, if you have spare stock, but are short on address labels, you can also use it as an address label, by manually cutting the sheet to size. It’s a quality label that’s versatile.

Half Sheet Label

Address Label Mail Merge

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do a mail merge using a Microsoft Word 10 primary merge document and Microsoft Excel 10 Table containing a list of names and addresses.
It’s a concise tutorial. Download the sample primary merge document which is just an Address Label template and the Excel document that contains all the names and addresses so you can follow along with the mail merge. If you need to create a mailing list, the sample Excel document is a great template to use. You’ll see that once you’ve created your Address list in Excel, it takes literally just over 2 minutes to do a mail merge.

Address label mail merge tutorial

Template for MS-6432

MS-6432 Template
Click on the above picture to get the template in Microsoft Word Format.
Here’s a shout out to Shane, who needed a template for the MS-6432. As always, be sure that your printer can handle these labels. They were originally designed to be for hand applications, and they’re removable. Some printers have very tight paths over the rollers and these labels might come off of the sheet and damage your printer. Also, some laser printers run very hot, and could also cause the labels to come off in the printer.
Other issues with printing on these small sheets is that your printer might have large margins so that the printable area will be smaller than you think on the top and bottom labels.

Manipulating Graphics on an Address Label

When working with graphics in Microsoft Word 2007 on an address label or any kind of label, some things are really important to know. Once the graphic has been placed in your document, there are several options on how the graphic is displayed. Also, you might discover that you can’t even select the graphic. If this happens, you need to select the graphic. Click on the Home tab, then click on Select from the menu bar, then from the subsequent drop down menu click on Select Objects. You’ll notice that now when you hover over your graphics you’ll get a different cursor that will let you click on your graphic and select it. Once it’s selected, you’ll notice that the Format tab is now visible. When you click on the Format tab, click on the Position icon, then select More Layout Options to get the Advanced Layout popout pane. Select the “Text Wrapping” tab and choose “Behind Text” if you want your text to appear on top of the graphic. Then click on the “Picture Position” tab. This will allow you to position your graphic in many different ways. I prefer to select the Absolute Position radio button and then “Page” from the “to the Right of the page” drop down menu , and “Page” from the “below” drop down menu. When you make these selections, you can move the graphic anywhere on the page. Then if you need to duplicate the graphic, just select it an press Ctrl while dragging it, then release the Ctrl button at the position where you want to copy the graphic.