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We sell Maco labels and tags. Maco Labels are top quality and compete quality wise directly with Avery Labels.  MacoLabels.com offers laser labels and inkjet labels at low prices, and that is what separates us from Avery Labels.

2 thoughts on “About Macolabels.com

  1. how do I make consecutive numbers on each label? I am on MAC operating system.

  2. Hi Roberto, we are a distributor of Maco Labels, we are not the manufacturer but we try to help our customers when we can. If you are using Microsoft Word the process for creating labels with consecutive numbers on them should be similar. If you have a large number of labels, then you should do a mail merge. If you don’t know how to do a mail merge, you should familiarize yourself with that.:

    Create an Excel worksheet with your consecutive numbers in one field, then merge that with a primary document that contains only that field.
    I hope this helps.

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