Direct Thermal Labels

Maco makes sheet labels, ,color coding labels, tags, and card stock items, and now Maco has added Direct Thermal Labels.
Direct Thermal Labels

Check them out, they’re compatible with Seiko SLP-2RL, Dymo 30251, Seiko SLP-SRL, Dymo 30323, Seiko SLP-MRL, Seiko® SLP-35L, Seiko® SLP-FLW, and Dymo 30327.

Address Labels – An Alternate Use

If you’ve got a few extra sheets of our ML-3000 address labels, there are plenty of things to use them for. The primary use would be for Address Labels. However, if you regularly cook, and save your food in food containers in the fridge, you can use the ML-3000 labels for labeling them.
Things to include on the label might be things like the Date, the Day of the Week, the Name of the food item. You also might want to consider other things like checkboxes for Nuts/Peanuts for people with allergies. Maybe a check box for Low Sodium for people watching their blood pressure.
Here’s what it might look like:
Address Label