Sugarcane Labels

Check out our new Sugarcane Labels
Made with 100% sugarcane bagasse and other
renewable agricultural waste.
• 100% tree free – even more environmentally-friendly
than recycled wood paper pulp!
• Bright white label stock.

Use them in Laser or Ink Jet printers and Copiers.

If you’re concerned about preserving the environment, especially trees then you’ll want to use these labels. It cost more to make these premium labels, but they’re made from renewable resources, which will help save our planet.

Glow In the Dark Labels

Hurry, don’t wait. Get your Glow in the Dark labels in time for Halloween.
Check it out, they’re made from bright glow-in-the-dark label material!
• Text and designs are visible once the lights go out.
• Cut out shapes; write on with pen, marker, crayon, etc.
• Customize a product for virtually anyone – child, home, craft project or even a business!
• Removable adhesive – labels stay where you put them, but are easily removable.
• Two products available – print in both laser & ink jet printers or simply hand write

Glow in the Dark Labels

Glow in the Dark Full Sheet Labels

MS-1624 Template

Here is the MS-1624 label template. As always, beware, these are removable labels, and they might not be compatible with your laser or inkjet printer and may come off inside your printer. They were originally designed for hand application, and that’s how we recommend using them.
Click on the picture below to download the template.

MS-1624 Template