Template for MS-6432

MS-6432 Template
Click on the above picture to get the template in Microsoft Word Format.
Here’s a shout out to Shane, who needed a template for the MS-6432. As always, be sure that your printer can handle these labels. They were originally designed to be for hand applications, and they’re removable. Some printers have very tight paths over the rollers and these labels might come off of the sheet and damage your printer. Also, some laser printers run very hot, and could also cause the labels to come off in the printer.
Other issues with printing on these small sheets is that your printer might have large margins so that the printable area will be smaller than you think on the top and bottom labels.

MS-6424 Template for Removable Label

Here we go again, making yet another template for a small sheeted label. This time, its the MS-6424 Template for Removable General Purpose Labels.

MS-6424 Template for removable general purpose labels

As usual, regarding these small sheeted labels, these labels were originally designed for hand and typewritten use. If you know that your printer can handle this size and type of label then this template should work great for you. But be forewarned , some laser printers may experience some shadowing of the ink from the labels due to high temperatures attained by some laser printers.