CD Labels and DVD Labels

We’ve got CD labels and DVD Labels here. Ever want to create a CD label or DVD label in Microsoft Word that has text running along the path of a curve that is concentric to the label? Welps, Word can’t do it. Oh, you say you can? With WordArt? OK, you go with that then. You’ll discover the WordArt text is misshapen, and doesn’t follow the curve of a circle very well. Using Inkscape, we’ve created a CD/DVD label using our existing template for the ML-7560/ML-7565 labels. They’re the same as the Avery 5698 layout. You’ll need OpenOffice to check it out. Have no fear though, OpenOffice is FREE. We created the lettering in Inkscape. You’ll need that too, and it’s also FREE.
Once you’ve created the text in Inkscape, you can select the text, then copy it to the clipboard, and then paste it directly into your OpenOffice document. You can resize it to you hearts delight yet still print and display as clear as ever.

ML-7565 layout same as Avery 5698

ML-7565 layout same as Avery 5698

Ebony and Ivory, Together in Perfect Harmony on a Return Address Label

Remember that video? Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. Two megastars coming together to write a hit song. How could it not succeed? Well, here’s a template on our ML-8100 Return Address Label that’s bound to be a hit. Ok, maybe not, but for you pianists out there, you might like it. I could fit only 3 octaves of the keyboard, but it still works.

ML-8100 Keyboard Screenshot

Hole Reinforcements

The MT-509 Hole Reinforcements are a perfect product for Offices anywhere. Schools, Universities, large companies small companies. Anywhere there is a ripped hole on a sheet of 3 hole punched paper, this product is needed. Save the environment by not printing out another sheet of paper. Just repair the hole using the MT-509. The computer revolution was supposed to save on paper, but incredibly, it looks like it has only increased paper use and consumption. Paper seems so plentiful now, and it’s so easy just to stick another sheet of paper into the printer and bang out another copy that people do it all the time. Well, it’s about time people try to become more sensitive to the environment, and save paper. Use our Hole Reinforcements instead of printing out another copy.

Hole Reinforcements

Fancy Fonts for Mailing Address Labels

If you’ve ever looked in Microsoft Word, you’ll find that the choice of fonts is ridiculously huge. If you’re looking for Fancy fonts, I’ve listed a few here for your convenience.
These are some nice fonts that will really spruce up any mailing address label:

Edwardian Script ITC
English111 Vivace BT
Kuntstler Script
Palace Script MT
Vladimir Script

Fancy Fonts for use in Mailing Address Labels

Here’s a good link to discover more about fonts.

Applying a Shipping Label

Something as easy as applying a shipping label seems easy, but there are some helpful tips you could use. First of all make sure that the Package that you’re affixing the label to is clean and dust free. It wouldn’t hurt just to run a very lightly damped rag over the surface just to get that dust off. Then wait a few minutes so that any dampness can evaporate before applying the label. Make sure that the surface you’re affixing the label to is free of any oils or materials that are flaking off such as old paint or old labels. Don’t affix your labels to surfaces that have old clear tape, the labels might be more prone to come off. Hey, there are a lot of small companies out there that just can’t go out and buy brand new boxes with perfectly clean surfaces. Anyway re-using boxes is better for the environment. It might not look as pretty, but you’re saving the planet one cardboard box at a time.