1/4″ Color Coding Dots

Folks love our color coding dots. They’re a low cost alternative to Avery color coding dots. We have not been asked yet to make a template for the MR-404 series labels. They are so tiny, you’d have to have an extremely accurate print setup to get that to print properly on the MR404-A1 sheets. The other labels in the MR404 series don’t come on sheets, they come in little dispenser boxes. The labels are on a strip of backing paper that is rolled up in the dispenser box, so there is no way any inkjet or laser printer is going to print on those. They’re used in everything from medical facilities to libraries to color code various items.

MR404-A1,  1/4

Laser Labels , Proper Storage

Treat your laser labels right, and they’ll be good to you. Don’t store your labels in a place that is too hot or too cold, or in a place that is too humid or too dry. Additionally, your labels should not be stored in a hot or cold environment. So don’t leave the labels on the radiator, or on a window sill. Avoiding putting your labels in direct sunlight is the best practice. Keep your labels in the original packaging. Follow these simple rules, and your labels should last a long time.

Tip for printing labels

Many people printing labels have problems during the printing process. Many times the paper jams and you just don’t know why. Well many times it turns out that the problem is that the wrong paper thickness has been chosen. Or more correctly, a paper type has not been selected, and the default paper type, plain paper, is automatically chosen for you. You might not get a lot of paper jams if you’re printing just a couple of pages, but if you’re printing a significant number of pages, you’re bound to get some jams.
The solution is pretty easy. Just go to your Printer Properties, then in Printing Preferences select a Paper Type, or Media Type as “Labels”. If there is no type “Labels”, then chose a thicker paper like “Bond Paper” or “Transparencies”. This might slow down your printing a bit, but it’s better than wasting labels on printer jams, and you’ll have no need to babysit your printer. If that doesn’t work and you really just need to get a new printer, here’s an option:

reducing paper jams when printing labels