Shipping Label Logo for ML-0400

The quarter sheet label, the ML-0400 is a great size for shipping label. It gives you a little more room than the ML-0600, which sometimes, you just need. If you’re just starting up a company, and need to create a logo for your company you’ll need software to help you. You can spend a ton of money and get Adobe Illustrator. Or you can spend nothing and download Inkscape
Go ahead and download it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but the time you put into it will be well worth it. With a little logo made in Inkscape, and a little help from WordArt for the lettering, We’ve made ourselves a label.

If you’ve got any artistic skills, you’ll do a lot better than I can.

ML-0400 Template
ML-0400 Template

MR-2020 Template, 1-1/4 Circle Labels

Whipped up another template. This time it’s the MR-2020 1-1/4″ Diameter Removable Circle label. As always, your printer might not be compatible with this label. It’s pretty easy to set these labels up in Microsoft Word. Just take your ruler out, and start measuring all the gaps between the labels, the side margins, and the top margins and the page size. We’ve saved you a little work by doing it below. Even so, you’ll most likely have to adjust the cell and page dimensions if you need to get the printing to your taste. They were originally designed for hand applications, and are removable, so there is a chance they could come off in your printer.

MR-2020, 1.25

ML-2000 Address label

The ML-2000 address label is a great choice for the address list with extra long Name and Address fields. While the ML-3000 is our most popular address label, it’s 2.625 inches wide just like the Avery 5160 label. The ML-1000 is 4 inches wide, so it gives that extra breathing room for extra long names and addresses. The Avery equivalent to the ML-2000 is the Avery 5161.

ML-2000 template, same as Avery 5161

MS-812 Label Template

Ok, here’s another one of those small label templates. The MS-812. The Label size is 1/2″ X 3/4″, and it’s on a small sheet of size 3-3/4 X 6-1/16. These are removable labels and are great for a variety of applications from pricing stickers to annotation stickers.

MS-812 Label template, Removable Label, 1/2

Again, as always, your printer may or may not be compatible with this label. These labels were originally designed to be used in hand applications, and are removable.

1/2″ Diameter Dots on Small Sheets MR-808

Here’s another one. We’ve got 1/2″ diameter dots here, it’s the MR-808. There are 77 labels on the page, and they’re removable. That’s why you have to take care when printing these labels. They were originally designed for hand applications. Some printers can handle them, but other printers will cause the labels to become unpeeled inside the printer, especially if you reprint on the same page. Use at your own risk.

MR-808, 1/2

MR-505 5/16 Circle Labels On Small Sheet

Sometimes, folks need to print on small sheeted labels. Some customers have called for a template for this particular label: the MR-505. It’s going to be a tough job to print on though. Small sheeted labels tend to be very difficult to line up, especially when there are 140 labels on a 3.625 X 5.375 sheet like these babies. As always, beware, these are removable labels, and they might not be compatible with your laser or inkjet printer and may come off inside your printer. They were originally designed for hand application, and that’s how we recommend using them.

Click on the picture below to download the template.

MR-505 5/16