Have Marks on Labels When Printing?

If you have marks or blobs of toner being printed on your labels when printing, chances are you’ve got a dirty fuser or a dirty toner cartridge.
Alcohol swabs are great for cleaning the fuser assembly and the toner cartridge. Make sure that all loose toner is vacuumed from the toner cartridge and the fuser area. You’ll be able to spot dirt or grime on the surface of the toner cartridge or fuser surface pretty easily. I like to use the swabs that come in the individual packets. They seal back up pretty nicely so you can re-use them if they’re not too dirty. Be sure to get the pure isopropyl alcohol. There should be no water added. Also make sure to wear latex gloves. You can get those at the 99 cent store. That way, you won’t get the oils from your hands on the printing surface.
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