Time to do the Taxes.

It’s not so bad to be in New Jersey sometimes. At least folks in some counties will get to file their taxes on May 11. It’s just postponing the inevitable but hey, time is time. For all you other folks, April 15th is the day you need to file your taxes. If you need address labels to address you tax returns, check out our ML-3000 labels. They’re avery 5160 compatible.

Duke and Butler duke it out, and Butler winds up on the bottom

In the Duke VS Butler matchup, Duke wins by a score of 61-59. Duke was supposed to roll over Butler, but Butler hung tough. It could have all been different with that last minute play, a three point shot that missed. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. We’ve got little orange glow labels that look like little basketballs: orange circle labels.

MacoLabels.com to begin selling Photovoltaic Labels

These new labels that have been under development for quite some time will be the wave of the future. We’ll be showcasing these labels at the next Solar Power Expo. Simply by applying these weatherproof photovoltaic labels to any surface that is exposed to light, any kind of light, you’ll be producing about 1 volt for each 2.625 X 1 inch label. It’s layout is compatible to the Avery 5160. Instructions are included on how to install them on any surface and get them connected together to produce enough electricity to run an electric car. They’ll come in a variety of colors so that you can closely match the color of surface you’re putting these earth saving labels. By the way, April fools. 🙂