A great source of artwork is Bing.com

Google is the premier search engine by far. Microsoft however launched a great search engine called Bing some time back. Bing is a great search engine, but still not as good as Google. I use it more as a supplement to Google. There are some things I think it even does a little better. Things like maps. When available the birdseye view in Bing maps is incredibly clear and detailed.

Statue of Liberty as seen from Bing Maps

Bing images search is also better. Bing shows all the images on one page, which I like. It’s just a better presentation. So if you’re looking for artwork or ideas for artwork, it’s much easier to work with.

Create your own label templates like the one below.
ML-0600 Template, same as Avery 5164

The Job Market is brutal out there.

Allegedly it’s getting better according to some. You need every edge you can get to secure a job in this horrible economy. When composing a resume, you’re careful to make it as informative and concise as possible. Choosing really nice stock to print your resume and cover letter helps tremendously. A popular choice for the color of stock used in business correspondences is ivory. Well we have the address labels and return address labels to match.
Maco 77962, same layouts as ML-3000, ML-8100, Avery 5160, Avery 5167