Pam's Microwave Sign

I just saw an episode, I think from season 5 of The Office last night. It’s called “Frame Toby”. Someone in the office left the microwave in a really filthy condition after using it. So Pam surreptitiously put up a sign:

Pams Message, ML-0100, same as Avery 5165 template

I don’t doubt Dunder-Mifflin has access to a lot of different labels, so I couldn’t help but wonder that Pam might have toned the sign down a little by using a full sheet label which was white. Yellow is just too in your face.
like this one:

Pam's Microwave sign, Microsoft word ML-0100 template, same as Avery 5165 template

Extreme labels

If you’re using labels in extreme conditions, it’s best to test before spending on a box of labels. We’ll get you samples of the labels you need to test. Give the labels a test run and see how they work in the conditions in which you’re going to use them.

Presidential Fun

Did you ever get the feeling that when someone becomes President, the differences between them and the previous presidents are much less that originally thought. Using GIMP the fantastic, and free image manipulating program, check out our president, George Obama, or is it Barack Bush:

President George Obama

He’s got the eyes, nose and hair of George Bush, and the rest is Barack Obama.
If you are an artist, or just like to mess around with pictures, download the GIMP and be prepared to spend a whole lotta time having fun. The possibilities are endless. We use it for all our template artwork
ML-0600 template same as Avery 5164 template

If you already have the GIMP, check out the file in GIMP format HERE.