Finding a good Printer

We are often asked by our customers when they print Maco labels, what kind of printer should we get to use with your labels? A great place to start would be to read some reviews. There are so many printers to choose from. There are Laser printers, Color Laser printers, Inkjet printers, All in one printers, Thermal Wax printers,
Try cnet, it’s a great site for many things including reviews.

There are so many options, you have to consider; price, performance, operational costs, (TOC Total Cost of Ownership), and quality, and is a fantastic resource to help you choose.

Printing certificates

Can you print an image of a certificate you’d like to print with a mail merge? Yes, it’s possible. When you insert the picture, make sure that the picture is formatted as behind the text. To do this, make sure the graphic is selected, then Click on the “Format” tab, then click “Picture Tools”. Click on the “Position” icon. Click on “More Layout Options”. Select the “Text Wrapping” tab. Select “Behind text”. Next click on the “Picture Position” tab, and select the Absolute position radio button, and choose Page from the “to the right of” drop down menu. Do this for both the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” picture position.
Now just insert your merge field, and you’re done.
Here’s an example: is the primary document is the spreadsheet document

We just so happen to have certificate seals (also known as Notary or Notarial seals, if you need them 🙂

Some comments on using MS Access and MS Word for mail merges

If you’ve been using MS Excel as a database for addresses to be merged with a primary document in Microsoft Word, and you have Microsoft Access, you’re missing out on a lot of functionality of Access. While Excel has become very close to becoming a database, it’s just plain easier to use a database program like Access to manipulate databases. Doing selects by state or by zipcode is so much easier in Access. But you don’t even need Word to do a mail merge if you have Access. You simply create a report for your address labels. Here’s a database I whipped up from a randomized list. You’ll have to fiddle with it because once you change printers, you have to change the page setup settings.